Foil Back Tape, Reflective Temporary Pavement Marking

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 One box contains two rolls. Each roll is 300' long and 4" wide. Choose either White or Yellow tape in the drop-down menu below.

Temporary pavement marking tape is a reflective, highly visible tape ready for immediate service. It is easily applied, conformable to the substrate, and provides a weather and traffic resistant marking without the necessity for barricades, traffic cones or similar devices.

Marking tape is designed for temporary installations, such as traffic lane lines, road construction sites, detours and similar traffic control requirements.

Surface preparation is important for proper performance. The surface must be clean and thoroughly dry, with an ambient and surface temperature of 35 degrees F and rising. Never apply tape over loose or caked dirt, gravel, oily residues, flaking paint or other foreign substances that will interfere with proper bonding.

Gloves should always be worn when unrolling marking tape to prevent the edges of the tape and cores from damaging the hands. Always butt ends of the tape; never overlap. On long continuous lines, splice the tape every 12-18 feet. Be certain all points of the tape are in full contact with the substrate by tamping firmly or rolling over installation with a vehicle tire. A firm bond is absolutely essential.

For all its economy,
Construction Grade Temporary Marking Tape complies with all federal and state requirements for reflectivity and durability during its service life.


Foil Back Tape, Reflective Temporary Pavement Marking
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